The Book

Hope Delaney is exhausted by her battle with alcohol and her shameful failures with men. When a desperate, wealthy matriarch seeks her help for the summer, she reluctantly accepts the job. Hope leaves her teaching position at the World’s End ranch and humbles herself, cleaning up after a fire that has destroyed much of an abandoned turn-of-the-century hotel that the locals claim is haunted.
While trapped in this small Texas town in blistering July, passions bubble up along with the heat. Hope’s complicated feelings of lust, self-doubt, and a lifelong distrust of men threaten to destroy a newfound love interest. Her quest intensifies as lies are exposed and supernatural help is offered to battle the abusive demons of her past.
Is she courageous enough to face the truth? Hope must risk her reputation and her sanity by ripping through the veil between dimensions in search of answers that will heal and redeem her broken soul, unlocking the chains around her heart.