Scavenging for Diamond Dust

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Due to matters both in and out of her control, Hope Delaney’s world has started to crumble, causing all her carefully sculpted and maintained misconceptions about herself, her past and current relationship skills to implode, disappearing into an abyss that has opened beneath her feet.
All her university degrees and periodic attempts to seek the truth about life and love through other spiritual and metaphysical avenues have “dead-ended” against the brick wall of anger and denial, leaving her future shrouded in mists of despair and disillusionment. Without her old life and identity, Hope is faced with finding her way in a world she doesn’t understand anymore.
In this two-part journey, Hope flees for her life to escape her demons, first to the beach and then to the desert of south Texas, where she makes a paranormal discovery manifesting from a place of infinite possibilities, shocking and stimulating her to look beyond the wreckage of her past and explore a new set of puzzle pieces glittering at her from the cosmic dust.